Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our First "Real" Art Show!

I'm Excited! 

My wife and I have been attending local shows and swap meets for a few months now.  None of them were "art" shows and living in the high desert of California, we didn't expect sales to soar (and they didn't).  This weekend however will be our first "real" art show.  We'll be attending the 12th Annual Art in the Village in Carlsbad, CA.  First off, Carlsbad is a wonderful little coastal town very near Camp Pendleton, CA, where I was stationed for three years.  We'll be able to visit a few friends and even more, escape the desert heat for a few days!  Most important though, this will be the first real taste of what to expect at a show for artists with a very targeted audience. 

So, what are we hoping for?  Genia, of course, is excited to see the other artists and their art, maybe get a few new ideas and tips.  She's not a big fan of the high desert, and loves the coast so she'd be happy regardless of what we were doing.  A gallery owner from Carlsbad has been following Genia on twitter so she's interested in perhaps meeting with him and developing a new contact.  I, being the fiscally-minded person that I am, want to make tons of money!!  Ok, I at least want to make our fee back, which was $220 and a bit-o-profit would be nice too.  This show will really be something of a gauge to determine if we can/want to/should continue to do the local shows or move to art-specific events.  The great thing about local shows is that childcare is simple and there is little travel.  Also, the costs of the local events are quite low so one or two sales of our smallest prints make up for the expense typically.  Larger shows take a bit more planning and travel and the entry fees can really be quite high.  The returns have the potential to be great however, both in financial terms as well as exposure and publicity.  I'll be sure to post a review of the experience once its all done.

One very cool thing that we just discovered yesterday is that one of Genia's paintings, Cherry Blossoms II, was used on the event poster!  (click the link to view it in our website)  While this is extremely awesome, there's also an issue with it, primarily in that they never asked our permission to use the image.  I've asked Genia to review the event application to see if there was any fine print authorizing images to be used but so far she hasn't found anything.  While receiving this additional exposure and advertising is great on one hand, doing so without permission is a definite no-no.  After much deliberation, I've decided that I will contact them about it... after the show :P  At the very least, I want to learn more about copyright laws, especially after the Cheeseburger in Paradise incident

While this will be the most expensive event we've attended, and also the most regulated (every print signed and numbered, fire extinguisher required, seller ID number posted, etc), we're very excited and look forward to sharing the experience with you :)


  1. I'm not sure where you stand with events using images of artwork on their flyers & posters, but I would look at it as free publicity.
    A good blog(if you haven't already found it) is
    Katherine has often posted about copyright and the artist.

  2. I hope the show goes well and you sell lots of Genia's wonderful work. If I wasn't all the way over here in the UK I'd pop in :-)

  3. Well, there are 100 artists and only nine pictures on the poster. I agree, they could have asked, but what an honor to get on the poster. Good luck!

  4. Good luck to you and get ready for a hundred thousand people or is so crowded...get there way early...I moved from there last year!..:)

  5. In this case, I wouldn't look at it as copyright infringement. This is a good thing! Indeed...if they felt her work was good enough to include on the flier, I would think she should expect some good sales! I'm with Cathy on this one, free publicity. I don't think I would bring it up, as you don't want to step on any toes of people who could become very beneficial to you in the way of networking!

  6. I appreciate your thoughts and comments regarding the use of her image on the poster. It is a great honor and we are quite pleased, and I believe I will take your advice and receive it as free advertising and leave the rest alone.

    Also, thank you for all of the encouragement through your comments :) We've got a bit of work to do. We've decided to double mat our originals, but the mat isn't arriving until today so I'll be busy tonight. Have a great weekend!

  7. good luck and can't wait to hear all about it!